Routine vaccinations in time of covid-19 across Europe: a multi-stakeholder evaluation

std 2021 07 20

It has been held in the framework of the cycle of Eu Webinars «Health at the heart of the future of Europe», which ACN will hold to feed the debate of the Conference for the Future of Europe and it include the presentation of the results of the Survey realized in different EU countries for the project: Protecting the value of vaccination during -and after-the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: impact, experiences and perspectives from citizens’ and patients’ advocacy groups & relevant stakeholders.

It started by discussing the impact of Covid-19 on the new management of national immunization plans, with concrete suggestions and experiences from patients organizations, health care professionals and institutions.

This multi-stakeholder event (civil society, patients, experts, institutions) had the aim to discuss the survey results: a reflection moment, a confrontation between the involved stakeholders to understand if there are common aspects observed, good and bad practices, find proposals.

 Why webinar? The aim is to socialize about the common elements or specificities that the impact of Covid-19 vaccine arrival has had on the immunization plans in order to build a broad picture of this challenging moment in different countries. Moreover, to identify, thanks to the discussion and to the online questionnaire compiled, the main issues and recommendations that emerged from the information gathered; demonstrate what this community can offer in terms of raising awareness about the phenomenon, enhancing the body of knowledge of positive cases and successful experiences, and strengthening commitment to this topic.

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